Business Branding


Working through building an entire brand allows for complete consistency for a seamless experience by the customer or client.

Sometimes, a strong brand is already established and ready to extend from, or maybe it's for a one-time project or season campaign.

Event Collateral


An event is an experience that includes all the senses. How does the invitation feel in your hands?What coordinating decor and signage do you see? What music is playing? What does the catered food smell and taste like?

From weddings to workshops, let your event collateral set the stage and be an extension of this memorable experience for you and your guests. 

Apparel & Home


Hobbies and interests are what make each of us unique. Expressing those interests allow us to make a connection with others

Decor for your home, greeting cards, apparel and more allow you to express yourself and also make great gifts for friends and family.


"From the beginning to the end of our project, Gradiance Design offered insight, creativity, and professional advice that made this process enjoyable and productive. We love the final product and are excited to work with Gradiance again in the future!"

Bryce, Leadership Toledo