College 2 Success

This brother-sister team decided to tackle the problem of rapidly-growing student debt in the United States. Based out of Maryland, they wanted to target local universities and college students that could benefit from their efforts. Meanwhile, connect with local businesses to gain sponsors and donations with fundraisers. 

Understanding their target market as college students who appreciate trends and optimistic messaging helped to mold the look and feel of their brand. Focusing on typography allowed for a quick and fun delivery of the ultimate goal. Using school bright colors, optimistic headlines and school-related icons, their brand attracts the target audience while making the topic of student debt less shameful.

Working with them on all of their branding and advertising needs allowed for a consistent experience from an internal and external point of view.

Deliverables Included: Research & ideation, logo design, responsive website design, branded social media pages, print & digital advertising, branded event collateral